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Amscan gives a helping hand to reduce litter in the local area

Amscan gives a helping hand to reduce litter in the local area

Tuesday 11th January 2022

For the third year running our fabulous Amscan volunteers took part in the “Environmental Winter Clean up 2021”. This event took place outside our gates and along the perimeter fencing by 7 members of our logistics team who wanted to do something positive for our local environment.

“We were keen to make sure that this year’s event was celebrated and those who contributed were recognised for their participation. It’s good to know that within our team we have environmentally focused employees who really do care about the health of our surroundings,” Said Vince Edwards.

Before the litter picking event took place, the team talked together on how their actions can support our companies social responsibility, incite positive mental and physical wellbeing as well as a sense of personal reward.

This year’s litter picking event collected 35 full bags weighing in at staggering 253kgs of waste.

Amscan litter pick Amscan litter pick Amscan litter pick

The Clean Up saw the biggest collection of waste yet, finding some unexpected items including: a huge tyre, an old boot, a patio heater, a piano keyboard, and copious amounts of half full Tizer bottles.

All volunteers were presented with a certificate and a special prize was awarded to the Volunteer who collected the most litter.

Certificate for litter pickingLitter Pick

Based on the success of the winter event a further “Spring Clean 2022” is planned which shall also support our Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) policy.

A Big thanks goes to our volunteers:

Megan O’Donnell, Rose John Kilkenny, Pip Littlechild, Jamie Hawes, Kinga Gruszka, Emilia Kaszuba and Vince Edwards.



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