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Introducing new pastel spheres!

Introducing new pastel spheres!

Tuesday 6th February 2024

An exciting new balloon that takes your balloon creations to the next level! Available to purchase in 7 lovely shades, lemon, pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel peach, silver, cream, and eucalyptus! There complement our existing foil portfolio and both our retail latex and Sempertex range, including our pastel dusk and pastel matte formats, perfect for a coordinated design!

The innovative material used, allows the balloons to be inflated to a minimum of 18” and a maximum of 22”! The spheres are best to be air filled resulting in the balloons remaining inflated for weeks! If inflated with helium, the float life will be 3-7 days.

The spheres are perfect for vinyl personalisation too! When Spheres are air filled the vinyl application is unaffected or if filled with helium, vinyl application is unaffected for 24 hours!

The spheres come packaged in our paper envelope, and a paper band holding together an IP.

Click here to view the range.


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