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Beyond the Wow Factor!

Bring your ideas to life with Sempertex - quality latex balloons to create stunning, exciting designs perfect for any occasion. Amscan are delighted to be the sole distributors throughout the UK and Ireland of this globally established brand of latex balloons.

Innovation is a key factor to product development at Sempertex - together we are introducing a whole programme of new designs, sizes and colour options in line with the latest trends, perfect for the celebration market.

Balloons remain a key décor element across all kinds of events from birthdays to weddings, baby showers and more. The possibilities are endless with this extensive range of formats including 5” to 36” balloons, modelling and link-o-loons, plus heart shaped designs and so much more.

Take a look at the collection and see how your balloon decorating business can benefit.

Reasons to choose Sempertex

Natural Latex

They are made of pure, natural rubber latex. No
fillers, extenders, plasticisers or any cost-reducing
agents are used.


Our balloons are designed to allow artists and decorators to work for
extended periods without their fingers suffering, A soft formulation with
the correct level of moisture provides a generous degree of stretch, which
together with great tensile strength minimises discomfort when tying.


Our creative marketing team interacts directly with end users
and is constantly developing initiatives, strategies and
on-trend designs in different markets around the globe.

Variety of Texture and Colour...

Each colour in our palette is associated with a specific colour code
from the Pantone® Matching System (PMS). Our colour pallette is
constantly updated in line with fashion and new global trends.

High Quality Standards

Our balloons have excellent helium and air retention due to a
high-tech and sophisticated molecular cross-link, which creates a high
quality barrier, reducing gas permeability. Low burst levels are
achieved by great elasticity of the rubber film.
Long Helium Flotation or Air Inflation = Long Lasting Décor.

High Quality Printing

Superior quality inks (EN-71 approved),
larger printing areas and more vibrant
and sold colours deliver the highest
visual impact.


Since 1938, Sempertex has been devoted to
manufacturing high quality latex balloons with a
solid promise: Innovation, Quality and Colour.

State of the art Technology

Strong research and development allows us to constantly innovate across
our entire business, from the chemical composition of the latex through the
complete manufacturing process, allowing us to deliver high-tech balloons.

High Quality Standards

Appropriate and rigorous controls in our manufacturing process
assure a consistent colour inventory, reducing colour variations
between different production batches.

Global Brand

Our brand is synonymous with proffesionalism, ethics, innovation and
quality. Our operation is totally aligned with the requirements of our most
demanding customers on five continents.

Best Resources

Human talent, quality raw materials, state of the art
technology and the highest professional standards are
the main elements of our company.

Perfect Shine & Density

Completely transparent and clean original
film delivers perfect shine, translucence and
purity to every colour and texture.


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