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We Care

As the world’s largest designer, manufacturer, and distributors of party products, Amscan brings joy to millions of people worldwide, helping them celebrate!

We continue to provide the same exciting products, now leading the way in our commitment to a more sustainable future!

Taking accountability and ownership where possible, through all areas of our vertically integrated company, we’re putting our corporate responsibility at the front line of thought when designing, manufacturing and distributing our portfolio.


We extend the life-cycle of our products and promote the “Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle" strapline. Examples include our foil balloons which are equipped with solid valves that guarantee not only easy filling but also de-inflation. Items with a secondary purpose include invitations which turn into wearables and costume packaging which has accessories printed on the cardboard packaging.


We are constantly revising both our products and our packaging to make as many changes as possible to our portfolio. Many of those recyclable items have been given the green dot on their packaging.


We develop sustainable products. Many of our formats have been redesigned, removing plastic and glitter for example from the products themselves, and using sustainable pulp for our paper products. We are also rehousing products in FSC paper packaging rather than plastic wraps and clam shells.


We’re conscious of the materials we use and as a result are re engineering many of our products and their packaging. Wherever possible, we are updating our plastic formats to paper and also re-scaling where appropriate.

Nature First


All of our latex balloons, both retail and decorator are made from natural latex with no additional ADDITIVES, making them completely biodegradable.

EBPC logo


We are both part of the management committee of the European Party & Balloon Council (EBPC) and a member of several of the project groups that have arisen there, leading us to support retailers in their efforts to achieve greater sustainability.

Don't let go of balloons


We educate our customers to be responsible and environmentally conscious in the handling of our balloons. For end consumers, we have developed various resources to assist in promoting product best practice.



We’re FSC certified, which means you will find the FSC logo on a growing range of our new products. Look out for “FSC-certified products” on individual item pages..

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