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Scott Drinkwater – DC Colleague

Joined the Amscan Family: 2002

Scott“I’ve been at Amscan for over 19 years and what makes Amscan a good place to work is the fun atmosphere and family feel. I really enjoy coming to work and over the years I have made some good long-term friends, I’ve even met my future wife here!

I work a 10am to 6pm shift, Monday to Friday. These hours are great for my work life balance, as I like the extra couple of hours in bed every morning!

When I’m at work, my day always starts with a team briefing where my line manager lets me know what things the team need to do today. It’s good to know how my role fits in with the business needs.

I mainly drive a forklift truck, supporting the stock replenishment team and then occasionally I’ll be asked to help out in other areas of the warehouse, so sometimes I’ll be doing picking for stock orders or Goods In etc.

I have a break halfway through my day in the staff rest room where I’m able to catch up on my social media. It’s quiet in there with free tea and coffee vending which is nice, and I also like the fact that there are facilities available too, to heat my food which helps my dietary needs.

After lunch quite often there is a change of plan and my line manager will either ask me to do something different or if we are really busy there may be an offer of overtime. I always take the overtime!

When my shift finishes, we all leave together and where I can, I meet up with my work colleagues and now friends, especially at the weekends."


Kwaku Nuako – DC Colleague

Joined the Amscan Family: June 2021


“I’m Kwaku and my job is a Despatch Operative at Amscan. I have only been here for a few months as a full-time employee.

When I first came to Amscan, it was on an agency basis and after a couple of months I was offered a full-time position!

Very quickly my team leader asked me if I would like to drive the forklift trucks and without hesitation I said yes! Now I can drive three types in my job! 

Every day I start at 2pm and this allows me to do other things in the morning at home, I also like the Monday to Friday working pattern. 

I am trained to do my job and I just come into work and get straight on with things, which makes me feel strong, confident, and capable.

I work with very nice people and my team leader is very kind and it’s easy to confide in them if I have any issues. I really like my job and it’s very rewarding.”



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